Sunday, June 30, 2013

Antiques Roadshow!

Yesterday we went to the Antiques Roadshow! They finally came to Boise! When I learned the show was coming and you had to get your tickets in a random lottery system I thought with us and all our kids entering somebody would win 2 tickets and Jayna did! So Sat. morning loaded with our antiques, we drove to Boise, grabbed the tickets (and a quick picture) from Jayna, then went to the fairgrounds and then stood in line for 4 hours to get all our things appraised. A cool thing- they had a giant bus roaming the parking lot to give people rides to the Expo building. Dan took his great grandpa JD Branson's Stradivarius violin and I took uncle Stan's move memorabilia from the 30's! Great fun to have things to take! We really did not believe the violin was a genuine Stradivarius but wanted to know about it. Uncle Jim sent Dan a picture of great grandpa playing it in 1907. The label inside the violin reads 1727 date but in actuality it is early 1900's. Probably made in Germany. Pretty cool anyway and valued at $800 the way it is and if money was put into it possible much more. I was going to take a couple of my dolls but decided to take Stan's stuff instead. Every since my mom rescued these moldy, smelly,  1930's movie memorabilia from uncle Stan's basement in Oregon I have been obsessed with them! I love reading about these old movie stars! Sadly, most of the autographs like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are not actually signed by them in person, rather their signatures were written and then photocopied, some with a secretary penning "To Stanley" above it. Oh well, still so cool to have this fabulous collection! I am going to try and find the perfect place for this collection - like maybe the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. Stan would really love that! Anyway, we had a blast today and I'm glad we got to go! Even if it was a  HOT 101 degree day! Pictures weren't allowed past a certain point so we didn't get any once we were in the lines to get our items appraised.

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