Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary Darling!

 Well today is our Anniversary and I spent most of the day listing dolls to sell on ebay. Some of them haven't see the light of day for 15 years so why am I keeping them? I'm thinning out my collection and selling my more modern babies and keeping only those prior to 1960 with a few exceptions - my personal childhood dolls. Dan spent the day sawing up wood with Walt. Our yard is seriously covered in wood - maybe 15 cord. That's okay I'd like to be warm this winter! At 5:30 we went to a BBQ at the new GV gazebo in the park put on by the Cumo Mine Co. Pretty interesting. It could really be a boost to GV's economy. It's at least 3 years down the road though because of all the Gov. red tape. The food was AWESOME - always is -anytime I don't have to cook. Tomorrow we head off to Boise for the Antique Roadshow. Jayna got us tickets. I am pretty excited! I'm taking Uncle Stan's autograph's (that Pawn Stars refused to even look at - losers!) and movie showbills all from the 30's. Dan is taking his great grandfather's Stradivarius! It is marked 1724. Not a real one, but we're still excited to learn about it. I hope they can tell us about our things. If we stand in line for hours and don't find out about them that will be pretty disappointing. Anyway, it's been a great day. Happy 34th darling! Here is an email exchange between Jayna and Dan -too funny - I had to include it.

Jayna emailed:
You two crazy, fighting love birds! Thank you for being perfect for each other. Thank you for showing me what it means to be committed, to each other and your family.
Happy Anniversary!
We love you so so much.
Jayna & fam

Dan emailed her back:
Your mother was shocked that you think we fight too much. She of course blamed me. I told her to button her lip and she threw an orange at me. I ate the orange and she took her pills. We are deeply in love after all these years as anyone can tell. No honeymoon in Bermuda; just standing in line at the antiques road show for hours in 100 degree heat only to find out our family treasures are worthless fakes. I with my broken Stradivarius and your mother with her Hollywood autographs signed by the best forgers in the business. A match made in heaven.

hahaha too funny!

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Sherry said...

just to clarify for those who don't know us - Dan didn't really say button your lip and no oranges were thrown!