Monday, June 17, 2013

so it has come to this

On Father's Day I checked my dad into a nursing home in Portland. I have his POA so I can do that. Mom and Harold have been here for the past 3 weeks and I could not have coped with this situation, or made the decisions that I did, without my mom! We sewed and discussed what would be best for dad. We thought we were going to have to drive to Oregon and get dad and check him in but as it turned out - I was able to handle everything from here. It had just reached the point where my brother could not cope with dad anymore. Dad wondered around town day and night bothering people and when they did not do what he wanted - he cussed them out. Justin counted the times dad had gotten out of control in the last 4 months - 1250 times! Dad was so mean to Justin (verbally and physically abusive to him 24/7) and nobody could help him understand that this was unacceptable behavior. Thursday night I was cooking turkey burgers, while juggling calls to the discharge planner at the hospital where dad was, talking to the director of the nursing home where dad was to be admitted, and speaking with an attorney for some legal advice, I thought wow, not many people can say that while they were cooking dinner they were also checking their father into a mental hospital. WOW. At one point, I thought Justin and I should let dad remain at the house and we should check ourselves in. Dad was evaluated to see what facility would be best for him. One morning I called to check on him and they asked if I could call back in an hour since dad was 'in his group therapy session' my dad in group therapy! It brings to mind, 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. A group of crazy people sitting around in gowns talking about feelings - too funny! At 81 years of age my dad is finally getting the help he needs. He called me today to see when I was coming to take him home. He said he had a nice home and did not need this place. Oh, boy. It has been a crazy couple of months and too much to write down, but it has come to this: my dad is in a safe place, getting 3 square meals a day, getting his meds, dental and eye care, personal care, etc. so I will leave it in Heavenly Father's hands. I have done all I can do.

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