Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Grace!

While Jayna was having a good time in Utah with her B-2 girls from Ricks college we got to have Grace and William come up to GV for 4 days.We had an absolutely wonderful time enjoying the Library, riding the go-kart, (also driving the chevy pu) swimming, listening to our favorite music like Pinks song Just Give Me A Reason (which Grace sings constantly- she has it all memorized and has pretty good pitch!), and eating and watching TV at the same time. Grace made a GF yellow cake and some biscuits by herself. She is getting to be quite a little cook. We watched House Hunters and American Pickers. Grace forgot her suitcase so we did get to do some picking at Granny's closet. We were able to find her everything she needed for $5! Then for Grace's birthday Dan decided to take her on a trail ride. They loved it even in the 100 degree weather at 4:00 in the afternoon! She takes horse lessons (for dressage) but has never ridden western style before but Grace is always up for an adventure. Jayna jokes that 1 mile out of town and Grace goes feral! We love our Grace Katherine!!!

and this little chub-a-luvies was so good - ate and slept like a champ!

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Franni Flower said...

happy birthday! :) what a great day. beautiful horses.