Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dan & I tagged along on Tyler & Jayna's summer vacation to Coeur D'Alene, ID. Dan & I drove over with Jayna and the kids and Tyler flew and met us a day later. At one point I looked over at Dan who was driving and he was using Lila's pink earphones and Williams blankets - one draped over each knee to keep him from getting sunburned. Real Men wear pink and baby blankets! We went through Oregon and Washington and then back to Idaho to get there but 9 hours later we were there. I jumped at the chance to visit beautiful northern Idaho again. It's just so darn beautiful there! I also had booked an appt. with my 'Voo-du Doctor' and ended up taking Lila with me and he treated her for a dairy allergy as well as me for a virus. One of the days the Haws family did a crazy awesome bike route called The Route of the Hiawatha (and took Sherpa Papa with them to pull the cooler and coats, etc.) It descends fifteen miles through the tops of old forests through the mountains of Montana, Idaho, and Washington along the Canadian border. I stayed behind in our beautiful rented house by the lake as nanny to young William. We had a great day together strolling about by the lake and eating leftover pizza. We enjoyed Coeur D'Alene's historic district, a few blocks from the lake and downtown and the kids had a blast swimming in the lake. We went to Lake Pend Orelle in Ferragut state park. It's a beautiful park & lake. Another day we visited Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach water park. Dan & I and the kids and Tyler started the day by getting on a ride and getting completely soaked! I don't know who was laughing more! Such a great family vacation, and I am already dreaming of our entire family going to Silverwood! Enjoy my many pictures I am finally getting posted! - Jayna I'm sorry I am soo-ooo late in getting these pictures of your family posted for you - but better late than never?!

the car ride over

Coeur d'Alene

Farragut State Park

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