Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grandkids Week

Over the Summer I got to spend one week each with Grace, Caroline and Lila. Maybe next year Brigitte will come with Lila. Lila and I shopped around town and discovered little treasures here and there.We hit all the hot spots, Library, Farmer's Market, Red Rooster and of course Granny's Closet. We watched every episode of International House Hunters I had taped up. We decided we only wanted to watch the ones with families :)  We went swimming every night at the pool a favorite of all our grandkids! Caroline was a bit bored without her sisters but she wanted to learn to sew so sew we did - all week! She did go swimming but mainly wanted to sew. She is a natural and made these cute 'scenes' from scraps and bits of material. They were so cute! I enjoyed spending time with each girl individually and getting to know each of them a bit better! I bought a pillowcase dress for a pattern and made one for Brigitte and also a couple of skirts. They turned out pretty cute; bright & colorful. The last picture is a home made wasp trap made by Dan. The wasps were soo bad this year and filled 8 traps completely full and Dan decided he needed a BIG TRAP!

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