Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my happy things!

the saying on my couch, "wherever she went happy bloomed"  I just LOVE it!
my mom and I saw this 'Happy Couch' at Hobby Lobby and I couldn't get it out of my mind so the next day I called around to see if someone could go and buy it for me. They wouldn't hold it or take payment over the phone. Gabe saved me and went and bought it for me and then we took the white trailer in and picked it up the next day. It was originally priced for $1,800 but I got it on clearance for $450.00. A splurge but sometimes you just have to do that!

yard sell finds - two ugly brown shelves- from two different yard sells - painted a cheerful red and filled with vases and tea pots - courtesy eBay.

I moved my teapots out to the dining/family room. I collected the tea pots from places we traveled like England, Germany and Bermuda. I moved the framed piece of a crazy quilt made by my great Grandma Lois Ann Campbell Butler to a spot where I can enjoy it! I made pillow cushions for my chairs. I really didn't think it out - yellow & brown are not my favorite color but it works for now.

I spray painted this gold sign and hung up my aprons- some vintage some new

Our little playroom/multi-purpose room had a little bit of floor space so we moved in the treadmill for the winter!

I got these wire decorations at Ross for my kitchen

I got this cute little board on clearance at Michaels for $3.00.  A cute display for some of my vintage cards.

I even found a spot for this lovely picture! It's large but I had to have it in my happy room!

I moved my spoon cabinet into the happy room :)
I have collected these from places we've been.

I hung a collection of vintage milk glass plates on the wall (an idea I saw in one of Jayna's magazines)

a shabby chic table I bought at a yard sell for $15, a pair of Oil & Vinegar carafes, a vintage tray and a small bouquet of flowers frame the window and side chairs

a row of vintage and reproduction tins and misc kitchen items add whimsy to the plate rail in the dining room. My mom brought me this tin that was her grandmothers! I can't tell you how excited I am to have this 100 year old tin. It belonged to Grandpa Johnson's mother, Celine Anderson! My mom remembers her Grandma giving her candies and cookies from this tin.

 some colorful canvas prints from our local Trading Post

I painted my old gold mirror an aqua color. It turned out a bit brighter, darker than I would like. and not glossy enough. I should mention that first I painted it an aqua color - it was too light, then I painted it a greenish blue color - it was too light and too green, then I tried this color. It's still not quite right -so next summer I will try again. Maybe the 4th time will be the charm!

I finally got my king sized quilt bound yesterday! I made it over the summer when my mom was here. She made 3 quilts to my one! Its so cheerful and bright [and matches my room]. I should mention that the dining/family room also doubles as my sewing room :)


jayna said...

It's all looking so great! love that tin- I want it someday!! :)

And that quilt remains absolutely gorgeous!

Jana said...

Okay, these are officially my happy things too - what a fun/pretty/uplifting way to decorate your home! That quilt is amazing - and I love the couch!! And I love that so many of your treasures are displayed instead of being tucked away.