Monday, November 11, 2013

Random Summer Pictures!

Brigitte's beautiful hair!

Dan brought home 200 ears of corn! I food savered it and filled up half a freezer!

Kallies cute baby quilts!

an example of provident living: 5 yards of cute white fabric for $3 at Granny's that fit my table -width wide- just perfectly for a tablecloth. I still have fabric left over! The ruffle is a yard sell find - curtain ruffles- that I sewed to the edges! It's one of my favorite things!

cute pillow covers I made~ 

Vegetarian Panini from Wild Bill's
I'm addicted to these wonderful tomato, fresh basil and cheese all melted together!
When my mom is here we go in several times for these delicious treats!
I had to amend this post: I eat these whenever I can - mom or not :)

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Kelsey Moore said...

I wanted that couch so bad!!!