Monday, November 11, 2013

more adventures of Sherpa & Nanny

Dan & I watched Jayna's kids for 10 days while they went to Europe! It was fast paced and kept us on our toes. I could not have done it without Dan. He took the kids to school in the mornings and ran in one direction while I ran in another one for after school activities, not to mention the HEAVY lifting of 7 month William! While they were gone Benett about choked to death on a peanut (see his birthday post for more details) my dad passed away the day Tyler & Jayna left and we had Kallie's baby shower the day after my dad died. So it was a hectic time but we made it through and even did the school carnival and had a little party for Caroline and got her ears pierced at the mall. When Tyler & Jayna got home we had her baptism. My mom was here and we got a family picture.

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