Tuesday, November 12, 2013

week of November 10th

Dan and I went to Boise from Friday to Monday to watch Jayna's kids while they went to Utah- I'm so used to saying, "Jayna's girls" I have to remember to say, "kids". We cannot forget this sweet baby boy William! He is getting so big - literally- he is the largest 9 month I have ever seen! He weighs 25 lbs and is so tall! My back is still bad (bulging disc - going to take months to heal) that Dan had to do the heavy lifting - literally. I'd feed him and change his diapers but Dan had to pick him up and put him down for me. They were real buddies as you can see...

Lila was my best helper - loading and unloading the dishes!

The girls above - all ready for their Primary program. Curt & Kallie even got to come to Sacrament meeting now that Kallie is on modified bed rest. It was a sweet program and the girls did well on their parts. It was on Nov. 10th - Grandma J's birthday! Grace sang Gethsemane with some other girls. They did a beautiful job. I loved the song and had not heard it before. They had a guitar accompaniment with the song I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me which was written by Clara McMaster who is Grandpa Johnson's first cousin. It was so nice. I'll have to remember that for our primary program next year - maybe get Dan to play! Our Primary program was also awesome. We are few in numbers, but large in voice! Our Stake leader said we had the best program in our stake :)

We had an impromptu birthday party on Sunday night for Kallie. It worked out well! Everyone came and it was fun to get our family all together!

Brigitte and William with Pop

Benett opens a gift from Curt & Kallie - legos and candy!!!

a beautiful birthday banner for Kallie - made by Grace, Caroline and Lila

I couldn't resist getting Kallie a few Christmas outfits for the babies -
she didn't like them much as you can tell :)

or these absolutely adorable cuteness of outfits brought back from London by Jayna ...
little soldiers!!!

 William loves pulling pops hair

we got Kallie a new camera/camcorder!!!

a little birthday pumpkin cheesecake pie with whip cream!

happy 28th birthday Kallie! We LOVE You!

the whole gang hanging out  :)

Christy's gang on pop

Grandkids are the BEST!!!

Pop giving Benett a little twirl....

right onto the floor!

something must have been funny!

Brigitte's beautiful smile!

Caroline and Aunt Kallie

Kallie chilling on the couch...  she barely looks pregnant until she stands up :)

Who is this handsome couple?!

Kallie with Charlie and Carter!!!

Kallie is 28!!! the girls made her a paper sign...

from behind Kallie barely looks pregnant!
you would never guess she has 11 pounds of twins in there!!!

these girls love their aunt Kallie and the babies Charlie and Carter!!!

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