Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Christmas

I'm always a little sad when Christmas is over. Weeks of preparations and bam it's over in one day. Christmas day seems to go way too fast, but we did get the kids and grandkids were here for 6 days and we did have a great time. Jayna and I also celebrated our birthdays with a lunch date to Wild Bills for a Vegetarian Panini. Christy had prepared a menu for the week including all the snacks; she & Jayna did all the food shopping and Christy did most all of the cooking! Needless to say - the food was delicious!!! We barely had any snow but the grandkids managed to find a little hill that was very icy and they made a great little sled run out of it. The girls played with their American girl dollies and all their accessories. Grace even got a violin for hers. Christy made the 4 girls matching white night gowns that they loved!!! They each got a BabyLit books and paper dolls too. Spencer and Benett were delighted with their "life size toys" and Spencer gave Teddy a ride in his back hoe bucket every chance he got. Dan got the game "Incan Gold" for Christmas and we played it at every chance - it brought out the gambler genes in us! We watched 'The Conjuring' and it scared the crap out of me - especially after the movie when Christy went to the bathroom and the garbage dispenser opened by itself! Curt & Kallie brought the twins up for 3 of the days and were here on Christmas day so that was very exciting for all of us! How extremely blessed we are to have 3 babies join our family this year!!! I made them each a Christmas sock and also Spencer and Benett one with green Chevron stripes. Here are some pictures of our Christmas week. Of course I tried to get a family picture and one of all 9 of our grandchildren but it just doesn't happen very well. It is like herding cats.



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