Tuesday, March 18, 2014

January, February & March

I have not blogged since January and I am so far behind I decided I just had to get some things posted. I thought about not blogging anymore and just making a Blurb book each year but its a nice and quick place to find pictures when I need them so I guess for now I will keep it up. We have had a crazy couple of months to say the least. On January 8th I was diagnosed with a Tarlov Cyst. It's in my sacrum and filled with spinal fluid. The spinal fluid goes in and out of it and has roots and nerves in it. My back problems were just terrible so my Chiropractor sent me in for a MRI and that is how we discovered it. There is only one Neurosurgeon operating on Tarlov cysts - a Dr. F... something in Dallas, TX. But I am not rushing to have spinal surgery anytime soon. I am just dealing with it for now. Leave it to me to get some rare disease. Another bomb- my mom has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. We are all in shock still. I will go to Utah when she has surgery - probably next week. We'll know more after the surgery. My poor mom is having a hard time dealing with this but with all the fasting and praying for her I'm sure everything will be okay. She surprised us all by coming to Charlie & Carter's baby blessings!!! She and Harold drove up Sat night and stayed in a motel and then came to Jayna's ward and were there when we all arrived for Sacrament Meeting! What a wonderful surprise!!! If we only had a camera! I was so shocked. When I walked in I saw this lady from behind who looked just like my mom and made a mental note to ask Jayna who was the lady who looked like my mom - and then she turned around and it was my mom! My mind couldn't even sort it out! We will always remember this day! What a fun surprise!!! The baby blessings were wonderful. Both boys were blessed in a white crocheted blanket made by Curt's Great Grandma Thea Stewart that he was blessed in when he was a baby. All our grandchildren have been blessed in this white blanket made by their great great Grandma! Dan Blessed both boys and my mom took some notes which I have posted below. All of Kallie's family came. How wonderful for these two precious babies to be surrounded by all thoes who love them. It was a super fun celebration for these two baby boys! No babies are more loved! Jayna and Christy made all the food and after Sacrament meeting we all went to Jayna's house for a beautiful lunch. There was so much delicious food!

 pictures of Curt when he was a month old - Charlie looks so much like him!
-on his blessing day

with Grandma Thea

we even had two birthday celebrations one for Dan and one for William!!!

me - on my zero gravity bed on a trip to Utah to see my mom. I can't sit too long or my tail bone hurts so I just laid on my very comfy bed and read my Kindle to and from Utah while Dan drove all the way.

Dan and Walt replacing light bulbs in our tall ceiling!

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