Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cancer is a scary word.

My mom had surgery on March 24th. Dan and I went down on Sunday so we would be there for the surgery and to take care of mom for a few days after that. Cancer is such a scary word. A total miracle has occurred in our family thanks to many many prayers, fasting and priesthood blessings! We are so thankful! It could have been devastating but she was so blessed and we are thankful. The recovery will be hard but it's wonderful to know that the cancer did not spread outside the uterus.

Here is my mom's email to the family:  Today was my after-surgery doctor appointment. Yes, I had a "radical hysterectomy" which means that everything was removed including lymph nodes and a biopsy of the omentum. As you know, we already knew the results of the pathology reports with the exception of the Lynch Syndrome test. All biopsies came back clean with no cancer cells except for the cancerous polyp in the uterus. This Lyncy Syndrome test was important because the doctor could find no reason for the cancer, and he thought that might explain it. If I did have the Lynch Syndrome, it meant that I would have an 80% chance of getting colon cancer or other cancers in other organs, and that my children would have a 50% chance of developing cancer. Well - THANKFULLY - the tests were negative. I do NOT have Lynch Syndrome! So - my cancer is largely unexplained. Dr Soisson didn't recommend any chemo or radiation, but since my case is so rare and aggressive (Papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma of the endometrium - type 2 - Grade 3, tumor size 4.2 cm but my diagnosis is stage 1A which is good!), he asked permission to present it before the board of oncologists who are having a conference on April 14. Apparently, I am rare enough for a study of experts! I said go ahead and study my case. He will then call me with the recommendations of the board. I still don't think I will opt for radiation or chemo even if they recommend it. Dr. Soisson is going to monitor me every three months and I need to be religious about mammograms and colonoscopies. 

The bottom line is that this process has been a miracle from January on. There have been so many things that could have gone wrong or been diagnosed differently. Thank you for all the prayers, fasting, cards, flowers, phone calls, emails, texts, visits, and all else. We could not have had better support through this trying time.  I am the most blessed person in this world! 

Nacele & Harold

One of my moms' favorite scriptures:

me and my mom getting ready to go to the American Idol concert in SLC a few years ago!

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