Monday, April 21, 2014

my mom's journey

My mom ended up back in the hospital 2 weeks after she cam home. She has PE - Pulmonary embolism - aka blood clots in her lungs. A very dangerous situation. I read up on it and made myself sick. They ran some tests on her heart and it did show that her heart is stressed but they do not think she has had a heart attack to that is the good news. She'll have another test in a week or so to see how it is doing. Dr. Long said it was a miracle that her heart was doing as well as it was and that it hadn't gone back into A-fib after her cardiac ablation. A total miracle. We'll keep praying her heart continues to do well. They told mom that she has lots of blood clots in both lungs (and probably both legs since that is where they travel from). I asked how big they were but she did not know. Harold gives her 2 shots a day on heparin to ward off any new clots. She is on oxygen so that is helping her. I think now that she must have had blood clots since the very beginning since her oxygen levels have been very low. I should have stayed in Utah - maybe I would have gotten her help sooner. I have been afraid this whole time - even voicing my worries to the surgeon before surgery. He did give her a shot of heparin before her surgery and made her wear the boots the whole time she was in the hospital. After doing 23 and me I have a 45% risk of developing DVT compared to the average of 9%. We have factor V Leiden which is a clotting disorder that makes our blood 'sticky'. It is very scary that I have passed this on to my kids/grandkids.

email from my mom:
Thanks for your visits, emails, phone calls,prayers and updates of your families. Sounds like everyone's having fun! I am very happy to report that after my doctor consulted with other oncology experts, he is leaving the decision of whether to have radiation and/or chemo up to me. I guess there is really no evidence that suggests there is any difference in those who had therapy and those who didn't with my type of cancer. So - of course, I'm not going to! I have to have 3-month checks, and if there is any indication then, then we'll look at it again. In the meantime, I'm still on oxygen at night and shots in the stomach 2 times a day- ugh! Much better than some of the alternatives, though, so I'm not complaining. We're all looking forward to Zac coming off his 2-year mission next Wed.

Have a Happy Easter - celebrate the resurrection!
Keep pressing forward with that "perfect brightness of hope!"
Love you all.
Forever Mom

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