Friday, May 30, 2014

Bruneau Sand Dunes

I have been going to the Bruneau Sand Dunes since I was a little girl. Having grown up in Hammett it was close entertainment whenever cousins came to visit, Of course back then it was not a state park and we had it all to ourselves. I don't ever remember anyone being there besides our family. This time was Memorial weekend and it was crowded and tent to tent people. Despite the 40 mph windstorm that lasted all night long it was still lots of fun watching the grandchildren play where I used to play at their age! We did get to see Venus through the telescope!

 above- my dad and me getting something out of our trunk in 1963

only one RV was allowed per campsite (stupid rule) and Gabe & Christy were happy campers in the Aunt Barbara re-vamped special. Well they might disagree since Benett cried all night and threw up. Some fellow campers even came over in the night to see if Benett needed some medicine!

Gabe & Brigitte flying a kite - we sure had the wind for it!

Say cheese!

loving the sand!

William looks like an Eloise Wilkins Illustration here!

Brigitte made 'nests' everywhere!

Benett is loving this warm sand!

my favorite pictures of all! Especially Christy with her little dog Teddy!

Lila giving William a horsey ride too cute!

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