Friday, May 30, 2014

Mother's Day! Utah visit!

Jon and Lisa were not here as Jon is trying out for American Ninja Warrior again. Jon had to fly to Denver to 'save' his back for the obstacle courses. Britney & Julia drove down Monday to be with him. It's so exciting!!! He had 2 tryouts in Denver on Tues and Wed at 2:00 am! It was freezing cold but he passed through both obstacle courses so he will be going to Vegas for the TV show! AWESOME!!! Lexi & Archadia came and surprised everyone!!!! It was so good to see them! Arcadia is such a sweet little doll :) She looks so much like Lexi! 
we went to Dar's ward on Mother's day and Zac spoke about his mission. It was AWESOME!!! then all the family went to Dar's for brunch. We had so much delicious food and so many family members came! We had fun visiting and eating. We gave mom her Mother's Day book and she was so surprised! It is so great for Dar to have all her kids together - for a short while  anyway - Mitchell leaves in July to go to Bolivia on his mission! My mom still has her 'encouragement' wall up - filled with notes and signs and cards. She has had 73 heparin shots (and counting).  Her stomach is black & blue! Harold gives her a shot every morning and every night. She is hopeful to get off them soon and switch to a pill form of blood thinner. She also has to have her blood checked every day to monitor the thinness of it. Next week she goes in for an ultrasound on her heart to see how it is doing. She is staying positive! She is still very tired and has to take it easy. Mom and I got to make our very own glass flowers! We went to Thanksgiving Point and looked around ate lunch. It's a fun place filled with beautiful flower gardens and museums. Mom had always wanted to make a glass flower so we decided she felt well enough to do it so we did! It was so much fun and I love my flower! We were a little scared to try it at first but we decided to just go for it! A nice guy helped us make them as they don't want novices playing with fire 1500 degrees hot! I can't believe I made this!!! After our brief instructions mom went first! She is the braver of the two of us! Our flowers looked pinkish and we couldn't really tell how they turned out until the next day. As soon as we finished they whisked them away to put into a hot box to cool for 24 hrs. I picked mine up the next day on our way back to Idaho. It was still at 260 degrees but they wrapped it in newspapers and let me take it home! What a great experience! I can't wait to do it again!!! I love playing with hot glass!

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