Friday, August 22, 2014

Montana Vacation - Ennis

Tyler and Jayna invited Dan and I on their family vacation to Montana. We visited Ennis where Dan was born and where he lived the first years of his life in our favorite little ghost town of Virginia City. Then on to Yellowstone park. It was reminiscent of the trips we took our children on when they were small. It was a great adventure and we thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Thank you Tyler & Jayna! We managed to all fit into the old white suburban and pulled our white trailer along. I rode in the very back of the suburban on my zero gravity bed! Whenever we stopped I had to remind someone to let me out since I had no way to open the back doors from inside. I had purchased a dvd player for the trip and had brought season 3 of Pretty Little Liars (thanks Christy for getting me hooked! it's the best show!!!) to watch. Or at least I thought. I got all settled in my bed and went to watch my movies only to discover I had left the dvd's home in Garden Valley! Not to fear. When we got to Idaho Falls and stopped for a potty break they had season 3 (the only season they had and the one I needed) so I bought it. I took it as a sign! It was awesome. Dan forgot his wallet at Jayna's house so we had no money! We had to rely on Tyler & Jayna for everything. I felt like a child!  The roles have been reversed! But it was a great trip and the house they rented in Ennis was really nice and right on Ennis lake. It was just beautiful! The lake was perfect for the kids to go swimming - they could touch the bottom a long way out - it was a little disconcerting to see Lila so far out! I kept worrying she was going to drown. We brought party island with us and it was the perfect lake for it. Dan taught the girls how to cast. The girls enjoyed fly fishing from the dock. Lila said," I am so good at this!" and she was! They are all great fly fishing girls! Dan, Jayna & Tyler went fly fishing on the acclaimed Madison river but didn't catch anything. Dan and Tyler entertained us with a game of horseshoes every night. I tried to play Jayna but I'm just terrible!

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jayna said...

We were so glad you guys were able to come with us and help with William and all cram in one car and take great pictures and play scum! Thanks you!!

We loved every minute. (Except for the ones William was screaming in the car...) Until next year!