Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 12th - A Red Letter Day

Yesterday was my 55th (gasp! I know! I know! It's baffling really) birthday. We had a wonderful day in Boise. Dan took me everywhere I wanted to go - my knight in shinning armour! We slept in and then drove to Horseshoe Bend where I had to get my driver's license renewed [for another 8 years - I will be 63 - that really blows my mind]. Then into Boise where we had lunch at Red Lobster. I should have gotten a picture of the cheesey biscuits, artichoke lobster dip and lobster pizza before it was devoured. It was so yummy! glutten be dammed. Then we went to Sears because we had a $40 gift card to spend that I have been carrying around for 3 years. We finally spent it - on a new mattress set. They were 60% off so we just had to do it! We got a Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid - whatever that is. It seems like it will be good - fingers crossed. It doesn't get delivered until Jan though. That will take our king bed tally to 5! Then we shopped around the mall- so much FUN!!! Oh mall, how I have missed you! I went to Banana Republic and bought some perfume - their classic sent which I love and some other new ones. After the mall we headed to Christy's. We visited a little while with them - except for Brigitte who was in school. Gabe's business is taking off! Brigitte's school Christmas program was today but we didn't know. Next time for sure! We missed all the grandkid's programs this year :(    I picked up the wooden Christmas tree for the vintage tin ornaments for my RS Christmas party on Tuesday. Thanks Gabe for building this amazing ornament holder! I am doing the same theme as Christy did so it was easy & hopefully cute! See a post in a few days....  then we headed to Jayna's house to meet up with her girls and head to Caroline's first gymnastics meet at the fairgrounds. She got a sitter for William. On the way to the fairgrounds we passed Curt who was bringing me a birthday present - a cute Beatles birthday card and gift certificate and a birthday hug (the best!). Such sweet messages from Curt & Kallie (hugs)! Caroline was very nervous at first, but after her floor routine she relaxed some and seemed to be enjoying the vault, bars and beam. She is really good! Caroline was the top scorer for the beam in her group. Most of the girls on her team are 5th grade and have taken for years.  This is Caroline's first year. After the Teddy Bear prizes we headed to Pizzalchick for dinner. Thanks you Tyler & Jayna for dinner! They sang happy birthday to me and we split a giant piece of keylime pie. Yummy! Then Dan and I headed to Winco to get groceries and food I needed for my party on Tuesday. We got home at 10 pm and I got to open some packages that had come - one of which was some fabric, Yes, I am turning into my mother! It certainly was a red letter day! Happy birthday to me!

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Love you mom!